I have proof of Satoshi Nakamoto in my disabled Gmail account.


Google will not allow me access to my account.

In that email I have emails
From Hal finney, he msg me on a bug of some sort

A transfer between Nick Szabo and Roger
Using moneygram

And most importantly the private and public keys of Satoshi Nakamoto

Gnupgp keys
Xpriv xpub
Cygwin acinq pkcs p12
Fingerprint rsa

Even signed both the keys with a passphrase

I originally had been on a Linux distro playing around with the programs in 2012
One named biometrics on backtrack
It was interesting
Then I had no internet and had been configuring settings in the

Network, I had a cricket broadband ..
As well with out any service on it but still used it and thought it would be of help somehow

There’s a good page more of words to speak on

But if anyone would like to know the full complete story of
Satoshi Nakamoto


Let me know and I will explain it all

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