What's the best Android wallet client for bitcoin?, The Block Magazine

What's the best Android wallet client for bitcoin?

What's the best Android wallet client for bitcoin?, The Block Magazine

When it comes to storing Bitcoins or other crypto coins, a cold/hard wallet is the best option you have got. Hard wallets mitigate many security-related issues associated with cryptocurrencies. But, recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of soft digital wallets that, unlike hard wallets, are absolutely free and are rich in security features.

What has really bothered me about crypto wallets is their inability to tackle security issues like theft. I was recently exploring some options and I came across this wallet app. It has this Anti-theft Wipe feature that allows users to erase wallet data remotely from a stolen device. It is the first wallet to implement this feature. It is called PINT. You can check it out on Google Play: PINT Wallet -Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Tokens – Apps on Google Play

Also, PINT allows users to swap between 6 major blockchains and 4 major ERC20 tokens. Using Shapeshift and Changelly platforms, it can be done within the PINT wallet itself, thus, eliminating the need for any external exchange. Further, PINT offers unmatched security by handing the control over to the users themselves. This wallet does not store any sensitive details on a cloud network and lets users do it on their offline devices making it impossible for hackers to get access to the wallet.

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