google news on my phone had an article yesterday. LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Quark, NameCoin, PeerCoin ( Dogecoin is a less serious to take)

Bitcoin is king, will it be unseated… not in 2014. Litecoin is clearly 2nd, there is no other second choice for 2014 , Perhaps PeerCoin, Namecoin, WorldCoin or something with surpass Litecoin in the future, but to overtake bitcoin when there is accepting it, ATM’s being made for Bitcoin, it is the king.

Alt coins are fun to mine if you have a good AMD GPU etc.. , but you have to weigh the cost of electricity, or be into flipping coins for better ones on an exchange.

I have mined for several. Bought several, flipped several….. it is obviously a high risk. To me is it a safer gamble than the lottery or casino’s.

There is a ranking chart of the difficulty of mining various coins. More they are mined the more difficult. A friend of mine has the open rigs and has 3-4 computers in crates with like 10-12 AMD R9 280x GPU cards, and those are like 400-500 bucks each GPU. You can easily mine for “fun” if you wish, Coinye is like a super easy coin to mine. I don’t think it is traded/ has value yet or if ever.

Ripple you can buy for 0.02 cents , go to Wells Fargo and buy it through them…

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