Dr. Craig Wright is back. And this time, he is out to destroy the societally menacing anonymous coins.

The Australian computer scientist and alleged creator of Bitcoin told CNBC Africa’s Ran Neuner that he knows how to kill Zcash and Monero. Dr. Wright said that he was going to expose these anonymous coins sometime this year, adding:

“If you have a privacy coin, I will show you that it is basically as private as running through Times Square with your pants around your ankles.”

If what Dr. Wright is saying is correct, then it is a piece of troubling news for discerning dark web drug traders and pseudonymous hackers. They reportedly prefer a Monero over a Bitcoin because Monero promises to offer better privacy protections. It is designed to mix up payments so that anyone investigating Monero’s blockchain can’t link transactions to its source. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s blockchain is open, where researchers can trace transactions back to the original sender/recipient. All they would need is an address in the chain linked to a user’s true identity.

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