BCH developer conversations have been taking place ahead of the upcoming May 2019 upgrade. In their latest video meeting, devs agreed that they need to know how much BCH is locked up in p2sh segwit addresses. It was also agreed that Andrea Suisani will take charge of the byte transaction size limit and Mark Lundeberg will review Amaury Sechet’s code on Schnorr signatures. Lastly, Jason Cox extended an open invitation for the qualified to assist with the development and review of BCH code.

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Meeting of the Minds

A BCH developer meeting was held recently to get the ball rolling for the upcoming May 2019 upgrade. The meeting was moderated by David R Allen and consisted of lead developer of Bitcoin ABC Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin Unlimited developer Andrea Suisani, Bitcoin ABC developer Antony Zegers, Bitcoin ABC developer Jason B. Cox, Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia, CTO of Emil Oldenburg, and Bitcoin Cash developer Mark Lundeberg.

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