The Bitcoin Cash Developer Fund has reached its 800 BCH goal in less than a month since the start of the community-driven fundraising campaign. You’ll find more details on how to support the initiative in the weekly update from Check out the video for other interesting news from the Bitcoin Cash space.

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Developer Fund Doubles Donation Goal to 1,600 BCH

The BCH Dev Fund has surpassed its 800 BCH goal by well over a quarter in less than a month since the start of the campaign. The threshold has been exceeded with another month to go. The fundraiser for Bitcoin Cash developers will continue until August 1 with a recently doubled 1,600 BCH donation goal. If you want to help reach it, visit where you can either support the developer groups individually or donate to the General Dev Fund to have funds distributed for you.

Also this week, revealed on Monday a newly rebranded look which can be seen throughout our website and product line. Users can now explore our newly revamped website, commencing with the Get Started section that aims to communicate our products in a more relatable way.

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