IBM smashed analysts’ earning estimates, but will it be able to catch rivals Amazon and Google for the cloud computing throne? | Source: Shutterstock

By Remember when IBM was the technology trailblazer? It seemed every innovation out of Big Blue took off, leaving any other company that dared to compete in the dust.

Well, the tables have turned. No longer is IBM the standout in the technology space, and one of the reasons relates to the strides being made in cloud services. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have found their grooves in this cutting-edge space, and IBM is in catchup mode.

IBM Smashes Analyst Estimates, But Can it Catch Cloud Rivals Amazon & Google?
IBM shares soared after the company announced much-better-than-expected quarterly earnings.

However, it’s not going down without a fight. When it reported earnings this week, it also touched on the strides it is making with its cloud services offerings.

Determined to not be a laggard, but instead be a leader, IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty IBM talked about the company’s advances during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Her words indicated Big Blue’s goal was to become the biggest player in a new cloud computing market. She pegged its market at $1 trillion.

Big Blue Posts Some of its Best Earnings in Years

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