By CCN: HTC plans to launch a second generation of the Exodus 1 blockchain smartphone by 2019, according to the company’s Chief Decentralized Officer Phil Chen.

The upcoming Exodus 1s will provide more support for decentralized browsing, messaging, and social media apps (dapps). But that’s not all. The 2nd gen blockchain smart phone will also be able to run a full bitcoin node HTC said Saturday.

So with the $300 smartphone due Q4 2019 you’ll be able to contain the entire bitcoin blockchain on your smartphone and verify transactions.

The Blockchain Smartphone Could Usher in a Mobile, Decentralized Internet

Will a decentralized smartphone network be a major part of Web 3.0? | Source: Shutterstock

What Chen and the Exodus team envision is a decentralized web. Using the blockchain solutions that keep your financial assets secure and in your control, blockchain smartphones are designed to keep all of your information secure and in your control.

That’s accomplished by routing the information your phone transmits and receives through peer to peer connections in a distributed network “instead of passing through cloud or mainframe boards,” as Chen says.

If the technology now exists for anyone to secure their savings on an open source blockchain on a decentralized network, why not secure all their data? The only limits are the space and computing power, but these limits will be no issue in a few years.

Web 3.0, The Decentralized World Wide Web?

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