In today’s roundup of crypto chatter, Andreas Antonopoulos explains rolling checkpoints and how consensus is achieved between miners, developers, exchanges, merchants, and wallets. Chris DeRose believes new Bitcoin pundits are toxic compared to the old ones. Also, Tone Vays defends Jimmy Song’s position on using credit cards over bitcoin.  

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Andreas Antonopoulos Explains Rolling Checkpoints

Recently, Mastering Bitcoin author Andreas Antonopoulos released a video that explained his thoughts on the rolling 10-block checkpoint that prevents reorganizations of the BCH chain. In the video, he explained that the rolling checkpoint is a feature to protect BCH against secret mining, which could have been used to cause disruption or initiate a hostile takeover of the ABC chain. He also noted that the implementation of rolling checkpoints has the effect of shifting some power away from miners and giving it to developers.

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