In a chilling report published by CNBC, over ten former employees of the social media giant have come out to reveal that Facebook uses its app to find and deal with every perceived threat.

Facebook tracks users and ex-employees who represents a threat to its staff or offices through a list it calls “BOLO,” short for “Be On the Lookout.”

Replying ‘F*ck you, Mark’ on Zuckerberg’s Update is Dangerous

For Facebook, perceived threats include users who publicly threaten the company, its staff or offices but sometimes the bar could get low. While it’s standard to find yourself on Facebook’s List for sending threatening emails to the company, some others might find themselves on the list for swearing at the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg or its COO Sheryl Sandberg on their status updates or as a reply to a comment.

This form of communication is classified as “threatening communication,” according to a former employee who worked with the company’s security team. In its defense, Facebook said no one gets added to its BOLO list without a “rigorous review” of the seriousness of the threat.

How Facebook’s Security Share User Data

If you do find yourself on Facebook’s BOLO list, a request will be made from Facebook’s global security operations center to the company’s information security team for them to monitor your movement. Security officials will also receive a report about the user, including their name, location, photo and a brief description of why they were added to the list.

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