By CCN Markets: Bitcoin entrepreneur Erik Finman, who became a millionaire by age 18, wants to bring crypto to the masses through a new investing platform called CoinBits.

In fact, Finman is so confident in his concept that he projects he’ll be able to onboard one million customers within the next 12 months.

Finman: CoinBits Is Better Than Coinbase

The 20-year-old high school dropout told MarketWatch that his platform is superior to rivals like Coinbase and Robinhood because it’s much more user-friendly.

“The goal of the application is to make cryptocurrency not just more accessible, but to make cryptos and blockchain technology tangible and more tactile. I really think a million users within a year is realistic.”

Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman is launching CoinBits, a crypto investing platform. | Source: CoinBits

Finman Invested $100,000 to Build His Coinbase Competitor

Finman launched CoinBits in April, and says he has invested $100,000 so far to build it out.

Here’s how it works: CoinBits automatically rounds up your credit and debit-card purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference in bitcoin for you.

The platform also offers the option to make one-time investments. Users can set up their accounts to match their financial risk profiles.

“Some 98% of the bitcoin are in cold storage, or not kept on online, making them less vulnerable to data breaches, in theory.”

The approach is similar to those used by investment apps like Acorns and Stash, which let you automatically invest spare change from your debit and credit card purchases.

Finman says he wants CoinBits to become “the Acorns of bitcoin,” and in so doing make crypto more accessible to the average person.

“I think so many people have attempted to make bitcoin simple, but I don’t feel like anyone has fully achieved that yet.”

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