By CCN: One of the earliest scams in the rideshare world was providing cars to drivers who didn’t have one or couldn’t afford one. It was particularly insidious early on because Uber was touting salaries of $96,000 a year for its drivers (which turned out to be nonsense). Yet the scam never really went away, and it continues to flourish as the Lyft Express Drive program.

The Great Lyft Driver Scam

The Lyft driver scam goes like this: a person is enticed to drive, having heard that they can earn good hourly pay and work on his own terms. This person doesn’t have a car, though.

Lyft oh-so-kindly offers its Express Drive plan in which the driver can rent a car with its partner Hertz for a mere $240 per week.

There’s a dirty little secret behind this Lyft driver scam, however. The company knows that drivers are financially unsophisticated and fail to do the proper expense calculations prior to entering indentured servitude for their rideshare masters.

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